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Neural Models

PhoenixSongs neural models consist of neural stem cells (NSCs) isolated from the hippocampus and cortex of human brain tissue, hormonally defined serum-free media for each lineage stage for growth and differentiation of the NSCs and maintenance or the mature neurons and reagents needed to care for NSCs.

In addition to NSCs we also offer frozen human neurons differentiated from cortical and hippocampal NSCs. All of our media are application tested for Human, Rat and Mouse NSCs. Each vial of PhoenixSongs NSCs or cryopreserved human neurons come with detailed instructions for expansion, differentiation and maintenance of the mature neural populations. Each component of the model is sold individually or combined in kits.

We do the model validation so all you need to do is test the model in your assays. Order with confidence knowing all components have been qualified for you.

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Protocols for Neural Products

The following Protocols can be downloaded as PDFs:

Methods for Growth and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells
Neural StemCell Growth Medium for Human and Rat Neural Stem Cells
Neural StemCell Growth Medium for Mouse Neural Stem Cells

Making Neural Differentiation Complete Medium
Neural Freezing Medium
Neural Transition Medium for Neural Stem Cells


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